How to Sew a Newborn Hat from a T Shirt

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How to Sew a Newborn Hat from a T Shirt

This is one of the fastest projects ever. In short, the instructions go like this: cut a front and back of a hat from the bottom portion of a t-shirt and sew them together. For those who need more details than that, here’s the tutorial.


  • Select an appropriate t-shirt. Choose one that you no longer want to wear or that's tighter than you've been willing to admit for a while.
  • Fold the t-shirt in half length-wise to save cutting time. If your scissors are not sharp enough, you might not be able to do this, so borrow your neighbor's if that's the case. Outline half of a rabbit's head shape along the fold (use the image example as a template – click to enlarge).
    • The bottom hem will become the hem of your hat. Make the hem about 7″ (18cm) wide, so 3.5″ (9cm) from the fold ought to do it.
  • Cut along the line you’ve drawn. See what you’ve got – two rabbit shaped pieces that form the front and back of the newborn's hat.
  • Pin the right sides together. Sew into place. Perfect symmetry is not critical because you'll be tying the rabbit ears into a knot.
  • After sewing, turn right side out and you're done! A little zig-zag stitch along the bottom would be a nice finishing touch.
    • For a super-cute gift, make a matching pair of pants out of the sleeves of the same shirt.
  • Video

    Things You'll Need

    • T-shirt
    • Scissors
    • Thread
    • Pins
    • Sewing machine or needle

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    Sources and Citations

    • Original source of article, Rookie Moms, Sew a Quick Newborn Hat from a T-Shirt, Shared with permission.

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